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Wayne S. Brown, Speaker


Wayne is highly motivated with a passion for leading people towards their destiny.  As a speaker, he uses humor and wit to tell stories that inspire others.  He is the author of “Listen” and founder of Bridge-N-the-Gap, an organization that pays it forward by mentoring youth and young adults.  He is also a 30-year veteran who has served in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.  Wayne’s areas of expertise include three categories: Leadership, Military, and Community.  Click here to request a speaker's profile or more info on booking Wayne for your event.


Wayne speaks on Military

Leadership is needed in every aspect of life.  These key points will enhance your leadership skills.


· Knowing Your Purpose

· Knowing Your Goal

· Knowing Who You Are...and Who You Aren’t


Target Audience:  Those wanting to increase their influence in schools, communities, businesses, non-profit organizations, local government.


Wayne speaks on Ministry

Wayne is a community activist.  He works in schools, ministries, neighborhood associations and with city governments.  Through his endeavors, he has found key areas which are germane to many communities:


· Finding Common Ground

· Facilitating Involvement

· Strengthening Family Relationships


Target Audience:  Those wanting active participation in community development.


Wayne speaks on Community

As a veteran of the Air Force, Wayne shares his 30 years of experience on the rewards of serving in the military.  Attendees will learn about:


· Adapting to Life in the Military

· Cooperating as a Team to Accomplish the Goal

· Making a Commitment to the Military


Target Audience:  Those pursuing a military career, and military members who want to maximize their influence in schools, community groups/associations.


Wayne speaks on Purpose

As author of "LISTEN", Wayne uses anecdotes, words of wisdom, and facts to convey a message of hope and success.  As the reader, you will be transported to a family gathering where and elder of the family is giving you advice about life.  There is always something to gain if you LISTEN.  Order your copy today.

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